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Sue Foss
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Our CVG Team Members

Sue Foss, owner of Cedar Valley Group

Sue Foss Sue began working in the industry in 1984. As you might imagine there have been a lot of changes since she first began working. From her first job which involved programming on a mainframe computer, she has followed the multiple industry changes in platforms. From programming on PC's with DOS to being a database administrator, Sue has always enjoyed the challenge that learning has brought.

Today with the primary shift of work today being all related to the internet, her focus has again expanded to include web site marketing, search engine optimization and web site development.

Kim Capalladi

Kim worked for several years as a consultant with a major university.

With the increasing focus on web sites and web based projects, her role at the company shifted to include projects that used skills such as Javascript, and PHP languages needed to complete the job.

Flash Alexander

Since striking out on his own, Flash has watched the ever evolving world of WordPress development. He loves keep abreast of the latest changes including the wast world of plug ins from their use with social media to specialized theme customizing.

We are thrilled to have Flash as a part of our WordPress team.