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Learn about some aspects of SEO, including some key elements in understanding it!

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Curious about Pay -Per -Click?

Many companies, from to offer an ability to feature your business in their propriety search engines results. But the question is it worth it for you business?

We will help you examine your market and determine if PPC is for you.

Can keyword phrases draw more traffic to your site and your business?

Certainly! The problem is finding those keywords phrases that your clients actually use to find companies with your services.

And the real trick is determining words NOT used by your competitors! Accomplishing this will help to distinguish your company!

If you build it, they will come...well, actually it takes a bit more than that! Through a variety of methods including safe white hat Search Engine Optimization, key words, sponsored links, pay-per-click and affiliate programs, you can drive traffic to your site.

How do I know if search engine robots can read through my web site?

If you have a introduction page which is exclusively FLASH images or consists solely of images then, the answer is no. Yes, search engines may know about your site. You may in fact have paid someone to submit your site's URL to the search engines. But once they arrived at your site, the search engines spiders could not read and interpret the images. So unless you are paying for Pay-Per-click or some other paid listing, your site wouldn't be included in Search Engine's natural results.

What are web statistics? Where can I find out more about them?

The majority of web hosting providers track them, but the difference is not all of them make them available to their clients. Some version of these statistics programs will only reveal basic information and want you to pay for additional 'marketing' services.

If you're with a good hosting provider, be sure and ask how to access these statistics. There will be an entry that indicates the last time that one of the major search engines visited your site. The key word phrases that have been used to find your site are also listed; it's usually not the entire list of words used but the top 20 combinations.